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Is your social media strategy effective?

As a startup, social media can oftentimes be the sole channel for acquiring new users or customers. After all, it’s a free marketing tool that’s accessible from almost anywhere. However, using social media can be a waste of time if you don’t use it effectively.

To measure the effectiveness of your social media strategy, it’s important to periodically conduct a social media audit to identify the positive and negative characteristics of your strategy.

These characteristics can be your use of hashtags, the actual content being posted (i.e. Instagram photo, tweet, etc.), or your brand consistency across social media platforms.

Profile and Cover Images

In some cases, companies will choose to use different social media platforms to achieve different things.

For example, a company may choose to use Twitter for advertising new products but use Instagram as a form of customer support.

In the example above, Y Combinator chooses to point their Instagram followers to their blog but their Twitter followers to their website’s homepage.

Notice that their profile picture and content remain consistent with their brand. It’s important for you to determine what you want to achieve with each social platform your company is on.

Regardless, your content and overall brand image should remain consistent across platforms; even if there are slight variations for marketing purposes.

When you’re conducting your audit, make sure your logos, cover images, and overall content have the same aesthetic.

Bio and Handle

First, your bio doesn’t need to be the exact same across all platforms but it should have the same message.

Keep it short and make it clear what makes you different from your competition.

And if I see any of you using buzzwords like “Hustler” or “Lean entrepreneur” in your profile I’ll report you faster than a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck.

Buzzwords are overused and not impressive.

Second, your handle should be the same across all social media platforms. This might be difficult but is well worth it.

For example, if I like your Twitter content and want to check out your Instagram, it’s 10x easier to look you up by the name listed on your Twitter. If they’re different, I might think the Instagram account is a ripoff account and not follow.

When you’re verified you won’t run into that problem but until then just keep the usernames consistent.


Before you get started, make sure you download our free Social Media Template by clicking the ‘Download’ button below.

The evaluation portion of the audit is the most important step. This is where you’ll see how well your content is actually performing.

First, check the following links to see how to check the performance data on each platform:

Instagram Analytics

Twitter Analytics

Facebook Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics

After you know how to access the data, you want to check to see which posts have received the most engagement. Engagement can be either likes, comments or both.

In the template, you’ll add three URLs of each top post to the corresponding social platform.

After you complete the table, you’ll want to move on to another important metric; hashtags.

In the table, you’ll want to add the hashtag(s) used in the posts that had the highest engagement. Please note that in rare cases you may have posts that received high engagement even though they didn’t have any hashtags.

Work from the top of the list down until you find a post with high engagement that included hashtags so you can fill out the table.

Putting it all together

Conducting audits can be really helpful if you do them properly. It’s important to be honest with your content and pivot your strategy if you’re not seeing the results you need.

Consider conducting social media audits every quarter to begin. If you’re not seeing the growth you need, conduct them once a month and pivot until you start seeing results.

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